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The 15 Best T-Shirts for Your Next Holiday Workout

Between that grunting guy who always drops his weights and that lady now embarking on her third hour on the treadmill, it’s up to someone to keep things light in the gym as the holidays approach.

And that’s where you come in — to bring a little seasonal levity to the world of working out.

Which is why we’ve found you the zaniest gym-ready shirts that help express your zeal for the holidays. You ready? Silly question.

You’re always ready.

1. Leg Day Thanksgiving T-Shirt

This shirt will kill at the quad machine, then live to kill again at the Thanksgiving table. It’s literally the most versatile Thanksgiving/leg workout-celebrating shirt around.

2. Merry Fitmas Tank Top

A classic of holiday fitness pun tees, this one comes in many different designs. But in our opinion, you can never go wrong with kettle bells.

3. He Sees You When You’re Running Tank Top

Now that you’re grown, Santa has new ways of motivating you as an adult. Man, he’s good.

4. Merry Liftmas T-Shirt

For the droll lifter who never takes a day off. Especially not December 25.

5. Merry Liftmass Santa Tank Top

And this one is for the droll lifter who never takes a day off — but likes to squeeze a little more out of their wordplay.

6. North Swole Santa Claus T-Shirt

Take the Swoler Express to the North Swole this season to work off those holiday cookies. Maybe you’ll even get to hit a new PR with Old Saint Lift.

7. Om For The Holidays Tank

Funny how yoga becomes so much more urgent when you return home to visit your family over the holidays. This lotus flower Christmas tree shirt has a useful reminder to breathe easy.

8. Let’s Get Lit Hanukkah Sweater

This soft sweatshirt with a lit menorah should help push anyone through eight hard-working days of Hanukkah. And more.

9. Checking You Twice Baseball Tee

Don’t get on this person’s naughty list unless you plan to see them in the rink.

10. Superwoman Menorah Tank Top

For the superwoman in your Hanukkah holiday…

11. No Lift No Gift T-Shirt

Why should people at ugly holiday sweater parties have all the fun of wearing ugly holiday sweaters? At last, an ugly holiday T-shirt for your workout.

12. Men’s Ugly Fitness Sweater

Should you need a warmer layer to throw on in the locker room before you head out, here’s the perfect sweater for you.

13. Merry Fitness Tank Top

Here’s a simple, direct message that communicates your combined love of fitness and the holidays. No need to get complicated.

14. Do Some Burpees Tank Top

You definitely like to stay jolly and positive for the holidays. Except when it comes to burpees. Those are still excruciating.

15. Sleigh That Workout T-Shirt

Get it? Sleigh. Yep, we think everyone will get it.

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